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How To Choose The Right Natural Dog Treat For Your Dog’s Age

How To Choose The Right Natural Dog Treat For Your Dog’s Age

Whether your faithful companion is a puppy or making the most of their autumn years, finding the right dog treats couldn’t be more important. After all, no matter how old your pet may be, you still want to show them how much you love them, right? 

There’s nothing that makes us dog lovers happier than seeing the joy on our pooch’s face when we reward them with their favourite tasty snack (and we know that dogs definitely smile, don’t we!) But we don’t want to make the mistake of offering our pet a treat that might make them unwell. 

Natural dog treats are a great choice thanks to the health benefits that they offer, but you still need to be sure you’re choosing the right ones to suit your furry companion’s age. 

Treating Your Puppy

Natural dog treats aren’t just a great way to show your new puppy how much you love them, they’re also a brilliant training aid to reward them for good behaviour and to help them learn all the important things that they need to know – that the bathroom is outdoors, for a start! Even large breed puppies are fairly small at first, so you’ll want to choose bite-sized treats that they can easily manage. 

Fish and duck roll-up chewy treats are a great training aid as not only are they well-worth running back across a field for when you call their name, but they’re also packed with protein – something that growing pups all need plenty of to fuel their enormous energy levels! 

Pampering Your Pensioner

Just because your four-legged friend has reached retirement doesn’t mean that you’re going to stop giving them treats. After all, most human pensioners still enjoy a chocolate digestive with their cup of tea while they’re enjoying their well-earned rest! Older dogs may suffer from dental issues, though, so choosing softer natural dog treats like beef fingers is a great way to give them a reward while protecting their aging teeth. 

They’re also full of all the good things that elderly pooches need for their well-being such as protein, zinc, iron, selenium, and B vitamins. Senior dogs are prone to a host of health problems, but you can help to combat them with carefully chosen snacks. 

Chewy treats containing Omega 3 fatty acids, glucosamine, or chondroitin (like our hypoallergenic goat skin jerky) can address joint problems like arthritis, while also helping to get rid of plaque that causes gingivitis – another common issue for older dogs. It’s certainly a nicer option than a trip to the doggy dentist – just ask your pet! 

Choosing The Best Natural Dog Treats in the UK 

No matter the age of your pet, we have tasty natural dog treats for every pooch. From low fat snacks that put human diet products to shame to nutritious and long-lasting chews, your pet is going to love what we have to offer!

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