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About Us

Why Dried Dog Treats?

Our team at Dried Dog Treats are on a mission to deliver only the best quality and natural dog treats available.

We all know that feeding your dog unhealthy treats can lead to all sorts of health problems and may even shorten the life of your beloved pet.

This is why we set up our company and believe with great passion that feeding your dog natural dried animal treats will help your dog to live a happier, longer life – which is what we all want, right?

There is nothing in this world as pleasant as being greeted with ecstatic tail wags and eager eyes at the promise of a healthy dog treat. Whether you want to reward good behaviour when training or spoil your dog just because you love them, they deserve the very best dog treats you can afford.

Why we believe in our natural treats 

Our team at dried dog treats recognise that feeding your dog the wrong treats can lead to poor outcomes. You may think that giving your dog a cheap dog biscuit is a good thing, but much of what is contained in these industrially processed treats aren't good for our dogs' health.

Your dog may willingly gobble up any treat you give them. Still, many of the ingredients in these treats can present many health challenges later in life, such as overweight, allergic reactions, skin conditions, arthritis, diabetes and pancreatitis.

We believe that feeding our dogs species-appropriate carnivore treats derived from natural dried animal products is the best way to show your dog how much you love them without negatively affecting their health.

Better choice – better health 

While not terribly common, many dogs can develop allergies or food sensitivities to ingredients such as wheat, corn, pea protein and soy. Overconsumption of these allergens can quickly lead to dry, itchy skin, stomach upsets and diarrhoea. 

This is why it is essential to give your dog only the best food and treats while paying attention to any changes in mood, behaviour and general health when introducing new food and treats to their diets.

Some health issues slowly build up over time, so it can save a lot of heartache by giving your dog the best quality treats from day one to help prevent these issues from arising. Our range of natural dried dog treats is the perfect way to treat your dog without compromising its health.