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Chicken Meaty Strips Natural Dried Dog Treats

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Amount: 100 g

Chicken Meaty Strips are delicious, high-protein snacks made from real chicken. They're ideal for dogs as a tasty reward or a between-meal treat. These strips are carefully prepared to retain the chicken's natural flavours and nutrients, making them irresistible to dogs and beneficial for their health. Perfect for all dog breeds and sizes, Chicken Meaty Strips provide a chewy texture that dogs love, making them an excellent choice for pet owners looking to indulge their pets with a wholesome treat.

  • The average length is 13 cm.
  • Approx. 20 - 25 treats per 500 g pack.
  • Chicken pure meat 58.7%.
  • Meat derivatives (offal, gristle) 40%.
  • Vegetable glycerine 1%, Salt 0.3%.
  • No chemical additives.
  • No added flavourings, colours or preservatives.
  • Only Natural Ingredients.

    You won't find any chemical additives here. Our dried dog treats that are all-natural and free from additives are the best treat options for dogs. The absence of artificial additives, colours, and preservatives means these treats are less likely to cause allergic reactions or digestive issues. Natural ingredients ensure the treats are healthier and more digestible. This approach aligns with a dog's natural dietary needs, providing them with wholesome, nutritious snacks that benefit their health and well-being.

  • Hypoallergenic.

    Our treats are satisfying for dogs to chew and hypoallergenic. This makes them ideal for dogs with sensitive stomachs or allergies to common pet food ingredients. These treats provide a safe, healthy chewing option without compromising quality or taste.

  • Single Source Protein.

    Our treats are made with a single protein source. This makes them an excellent choice for dogs with specific protein sensitivities or pet owners looking for a simple, straightforward protein treat for their canine companions.

  • Grain Free.

    Being grain-free means these treats don't contain fillers like corn, wheat, or soy, which can be problematic for some dogs, especially those with allergies or sensitivities. Higher meat content provides more protein and aligns more closely with a dog's natural carnivorous diet. Additionally, grain-free treats can be a good option for dogs with specific dietary requirements or those on a grain-free diet.

  • Gentle For Sensitive Tummies.

    Our treats are gentle on sensitive dog tummies, making them suitable for dogs with digestive sensitivities. They are carefully crafted to be easily digestible while providing nutritional benefits and chewing satisfaction.

  • Protein: 62.6%.
  • Fat: 19.9%.
  • Ash: 5.8%.
  • Moisture: 10.2%.
  • Fibre: 1.5%.