High in protein to support healthy muscles, bone, skin & hair, grain free to support dogs with allergies and made from all natural ingredients. Furry treats are excellent for sweeping the digestive tract and can assist in naturally deworming your dog. Furthermore, wild rabbit is a top quality source of nutrition to dogs & cats. Perfect for those following a raw feeding BARF diet and a
fantastic natural treat for kibble or canned food fed dogs. Rabbit ears are naturally low fat, natural alternative to dental
sticks and chews. 

Rabbit ears are quite small & best suited to small to medium breed dogs and puppies.  


Approximately 20-30 treats per 500g bag.

The average length is 20cm.


Rabbit 100%
Protein 72%
Fat 1%
Moisture 7%
Ash 3.3 %

Rabbit Ears Furry Hairy Low Fat 100% Natural Dried Dog Treat

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