Pork snouts are a tasty, irresistible dried crunchy pet treat, great for your dogs teeth. The pig snout consists of a leathery texture, and is therefore great for encouraging lots of chewing. They contain natural oils which have a high level of protein and can help to promote strong bones and teeth. 

Best advantages of these chews are that they are more suitable for older dogs and dogs with dental problems because they are softer and we have observed that bleached products have a lower fat content.

Approximately 38 treats per 1kg bag.
The average lenght is 10cm

Pork 100%
Protein 43.3%
Fat 24.6%
Ash 4.4%
Moisture 10.4%
Crude fiber 0.6%

Pork Pig Snouts Noses WHITE 100% Natural Dried Dog Treat

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