The quest for natural and delicious dog treats shouldn’t have to be difficult. That’s why our Horse Achilles Tendons are so fantastic. They are tasty, healthy and made with only one ingredient – horse tendon – without any other additives or artificial flavors. All that delicious flavor is completely 100% natural. Just what dogs deserve!

The gently dried horse tendons are rich in quality protein and low in fat. They are particularly suited to dogs with sensitive digestion or allergies because Horse protein has low potential to cause allergic reaction. So with our Horse Achilles Tendon also the sensitive pups can be occupied long-lasting and species appropiated. Chewing helps relieve doggie stress and anxiety to keep the pup healthy and happy. Furthermore our Horse Achilles Tendon is packed with protein to help the dog build strong muscles.

These chewy treats are low in fat and free from artificial colours and preservatives. In other words, you can treat your dog to a tasty dried horse sinew chew without worrying about extra calories or unhealthy ingredients.

Our Natural Horse Achilles Tendons dog treats have a size of approx. 30cm,

5-6 in 1kg bag.

Horse 100%
Protein 80%
Fat 19%
Moisture 1%

Horse Achilles Tendons

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