The tasty alternative to common dog treats

Dried Goat Skin is generally regarded as a good low fat and hypoallergenic alternative to pigs or cow skin. The chews provide a natural source of Chondroitin – great for relieving joint pain.

Goat Skin for dogs are a fully digestible treat. It is a little bit smaller and more tender compared to pig skin so it is a perfect snack also for small dog breeds and puppies. Treating the dog to chew on the natural Skin is also a great way to support healthy teeth and gums. When the dog chews the Skin, tartar and plaque are removed from the dogs teeth, leaving a healthy mouth and a happy and satisfied dog.

Of course this all-natural dog snacks are just 100% pure goat, without any preservatives, additives or colours.

Our Goat Skin treats have a length of 15cm 

38-46 treats per 1kg bag
19-23 treats per 500g bag
10 treats per 100g bag

Goat 100%
Protein 65.8%
Fat 6%
Ash 4.3%
Moisture 14%

Pure Goat Skin 15cm Air Dried & Roasted Crunchy Jerky Natural Treats

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