Approximately 3-6 treats per 0.5kg bag

Most pieces range from 20–30cm but can be shorter

Beef 100%
Protein 54.4%
Fat 38.6%
Ash 1.2%
Moisture 3.2%

One of our best sellers, using all-natural beef (veal) spare ribs. These treats are dried, not cooked, meaning the bones are safer and therefore will not shard as a cooked bone will. They are entertaining and the perfect size for medium to large dogs.

These ribs are a softer bone and are beneficial for maintaining your dog’s dental health. By strengthening their teeth, gums, and removing tartar. High in protein and without artificial sweeteners or preservatives, they are a FAT but healthy treat for your best friend. Fantastic quality

Single ingredient product with no preservatives, additives, colours, added sugar, or anything else! 

Dried Beef Ribs bone

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