Chicken is a nutritious option containing a high amount of proteins which ensures the healthy functioning of the body systems of the dog. 

The Omega-6 fatty acids in the chicken provide energy and deal with inflammation. Also, it aids in the proper absorption of nutrients in the bloodstream. They also help out in maintaining a shiny dog coat with healthy skin. Furthermore, it supports the healthy growth of your dog.

The glucosamine present in the chicken aids in joint health. It tends to keep the bones healthy preventing any issue. Also, dogs suffering from arthritis and other bone diseases should opt for a chicken to benefit from glucosamine.

Roasted to perfection and naturally delicious, these chicken breast treats are perfect for rewarding puppies, adults and senior dogs of all breeds. Chicken breast gives a special taste sensation that will win over dogs both young and old. These snacks are completely grain-free and contain no artificial additives so they are ideally suited for sensitive dogs. 

Lamb is a great source of B-Group vitamins, including riboflavin (B2), niacin (B3), vitamin B6 and vitamin B12. These vitamins are essential for proper nervous function in dogs and cats. Lamb is also packed full of zinc, necessary for proper immune system function and support in dogs and cats.

Approximately 20 treats per 500g bag.
The average length is 13cm.

Chicken breast 58%
Lamb 30%

Protein 40%
Fat 5%
Fiber 1%
Ash 3.5%
Moisture 20%

Chicken & Lamb Fillet Chewy Treats A036

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