Against most people’s beliefs duck is actually low in saturated fat. In addition, it provides a rich source of B vitamins along with plenty of phosphorous, which is good for bones and teeth, and potassium, which enables enzymes, muscles, and nerves to function properly.

Duck also contains antioxidants that help boost the immune system like zinc and selenium, which also aids the maintenance of a dog’s normal thyroid function. The omega-3 fatty acids in duck meat help your dog maintain a healthy coat.

Another of the attributes of duck is that its meat is rich in iron and offers dogs a lean protein source that is easy to digest.

Roasted to perfection and naturally delicious, these duck breast treats are perfect for rewarding puppies, adults and senior dogs of all breeds. Duck breast gives a special taste sensation that will win over dogs both young and old. These snacks are completely grain-free and contain no artificial additives so they are ideally suited for sensitive dogs

Approximately 30 crunchy treats per 500g bag.
The average length is 7 cm.

Duck Breast 37%
Cowhide 60%

Protein 66%
Fat 4%
Fiber 0.6%
Ash 3.5%
Moisture 16%


Duck & Beef Balls Crunchy Jerky Chewy Treats A035

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